2008/01/18 - Project Management course: Luigi De Costanzo

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2008/01/18 - Project Management course: Luigi De Costanzo

Messaggio  michelangelo.dp il Mar Feb 26, 2008 2:48 pm

Time, Cost, Quality: these are the macro variables in project management. The main goal is to optimize both of them.

It seems to be difficult to achieve the necessary instruments to know the work of a project manager in only two days. Although it is not easy to get aware of the elements we received during a brief course about project-management, the fact that we had the possibility to play a case study (as Rockware Case) allowed us to understand the importance of a systematic approach to this field.

The instruments we obtained allowed us to be conscious about the good impact that an active collaboration between team members can have on the final result.

If in the future we will be so lucky to become manager, we think we could be inspired by the topics we learned during this course.

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